A Day of Elephants

IMG_0321 (002) Day of Elephants Today is the day ofelephants, Elephants, it seems,everywhere. Eating, wandering,plundering, Elephants in thescrub, elephants lumbering  down the road, Then, more elephants, baking in the Africansun Escaping to coolwaters. Splashing, squirting,rolling, frolicking, washing,wallowing, 18 elephants carving out play timefrom the game of life. Seemingly carefree, Others watching, wary The play goes on andon A festival of trunks kicking feet, swatting tails trumpets of delight. Finally, a signal- A large one leads Others follow Some reluctantly, one ignoring They lead the way single file Profiles against theAfrican sky Today is a day of elephants.     Copyright W.C Kasten, 2005
Elephants at the watering hole, South African, 2005
Elephant butt