Having International Friends

Having international friends

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Truly, a blessing in my life is having friends all over the world. Knowing them, and learning about their culture and traditions enriches my life. I always did love social studies!

This weekend, a family of Turks visited. The Mom had been my student. They came, the two parents and their four children and stayed the weekend.  I cooked an American dinner, and they cooked a Turkish dinner. Turkish food is wonderful. Ingredients are always fresh. They use lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, red lentils, potatoes, chicken and beef.

Last week I caught up some via the internet with another friend in Turkey, a friend in Lebanon, and one in Libya. Social media keeps me up to date on a friend in Indonesia, Egypt, the Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil, and Bangladesh.  Almost daily, I talk on Skype with a French friend in the French territory of Guadeloupe. I practice my French, she practices her English. We have become good friends, so not our topics of conversation and deeper and more meaningful.

I certainly recommend getting to know someone from another place or culture. Don’t make any assumptions about what they are like. Just get to know each other, and see what happens!


My colleague Bill Bintz with the white hair, and two Turkish hosts at a dinner.

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