Bed Toes

toes_mainPoetry /By admin Bed Toes When I crawl in bed at night, Slip on down and kill the light, There’s this problem with my feet Sticking up inside the sheet. I know its silly, and simply that Feet weren’t made to lie down flat, They are shaped more like letter “L” That’s just the way it is, oh well. But still I have these silly woes I don’t know where to put my toes! The sheet bears down and presses in, It’s heavy, even though it’s thin. Forgive my crankiness, hope you see I only wish my feet be free Am I the only one annoyed? Don’t other people feel this void? I hate this way, I want it changed Could some manner be arranged? While my mind seeks far and wide I’ll simply flip onto my side. And – Oh, this works! These toes of mine Work sideways, nicely, now they’re fine, My feet have finally found a home So don’t know why I wrote this poem! w.c.kasten, copyright 2019, all rights reserved

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