Poem: Me and My Cat

Me and My Cat 2 C
I had this cat for 16 years. We were close friends. I think about her every day. Me and My Cat It’s 7 am and I need my rest I’m ignoring a ten pound cat on my chest, I can hardly breathe, But I’ll try and stay put, It’s Sunday today I don’t want to get up. It’s 7:05, and I’m staying in bed, I’m ignoring a large fluffy cat on my head. She’s purring loudly, it’s tricky to sleep. Something tells me that kitty is wanting to eat. It’s 7:15 or more I suppose, I’m ignoring the cat who is picking my nose. She’s persistent and starving in dawn’s early light, She hasn’t a morsel since Saturday night. It’s twenty past seven I hold fast my warm place, I’m ignoring the large furry paw in my face. She’s prodding so gently As loving can be Breakfast for her would mean peace for me. It’s half past seven I’m down under the sheet, I’m ignoring the ten pound blob on my feet. Still purring loudly, she might go away If I keep on sleeping the morning away. It’s 7:40 and resistance is thin There’s a purr-furry head snuggled under my chin. I have to admit, that this cat is sly She gets prey with honey Or at last it’s a try. It’s 10 til eight and the cat has prevailed I will feed the big ball of fluff with the tail. I’ll go back to sleep, I can if I wish, If only I’ll open the liver and fish. I live by myself, I do as I may, I sleep when I want And have things my own way, I do what I want, and I mean that is that! As long as my schedule conforms to my cat! W.C. Kasten, 1985, all rights reserved. ← 

2 thoughts on “Poem: Me and My Cat”

  1. Once I had a cat just like yours! It was my daughter’s cat but when she moved away I took care of it. Even though I’m not a cat person, after years together, it stole my heart.


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