Poetry: Please Don’t say Goodbye

Please Don’t Say Goodbye

Please don’t say goodbye

I can’t take it one more time

Just let me go

Say “I’ll see you later” and

Leave it at that.

Please don’t say goodbye

That’s all I’ve heard for days

From Each person that I love

These sad and tender moments

Hurt too much.

Please don’t say goodbye,

I’ve loved this place so much

And had so many special friends

That you’re part of my life forever.

How can it be that it’s so right

To go and yet so hard?

How long will it take to

Build the kind of life

I’ve loved here in a whole new place far away?

Let me drive away just like it’s any other day.

Spare me the beautiful speeches

And the loss of words.

I already know that you care –

My tears attest to that.

Just let me go,

And please, please, don’t say goodbye

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