Giving Away Books

Giving Away Books

Those of us who have been reading all our lives, loving books, and accumulating books sooner or later have a problem. We have shelved our books like trophies, showing our tastes, tugging at our hearts, reluctant to part with them.

Here’s the problems.

We get old.

We run our of space to store them?

There’s a limit to how many bookshelves any home can hold.

Who’s going to clean up all the books when we have to go to a nursing home? Or, when we pass on?

I found a solution!!!!!

Here is Maine, libraries are locally funded. Therefore, some towns have a library and some do not. Usually when a town has no library, it takes the determination of concerned book-loving citizens to get one going.

That’s what happened here, in this county. A group of fiercely determined women made a library, where there was none. AND, they,

  1. Made two AIRBNB units above the library to generate income to support it.
  2. They made the library available to serve not just one, or two library-less towns, but SIX! Yes, the people (and children) in 6 Maine towns now have a library where before they had none.

Of course, they have an inviting children’s room. SOOO, I have been donating them many, many books from my home. Here’s the thing:

These books have been sitting behind glass for years.

Now, they are getting into the hands of children and their families.

They can get requested by intern-library loan – anywhere in Maine.

The miracle library in question is located in Unity, Maine. It’s lovely, and welcoming, and most importantly – OPEN! Staffed by volunteers.

Now, retired booklovers. What matters more – books on your shelves, or books available to be read by others?

I feel certain my books are happier.

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